皇冠体育app Turns Up the Heat This Summer with New Hotel and Restaurant Openings

皇冠体育app Turns Up the Heat This Summer with New Hotel and Restaurant Openings


From new properties including 因着酒店 and 莫西迈阿密南海滩 to a wide array of art and cultural exhibitions, exciting experiences await travelers this summer

皇冠体育app, 一个世界上独一无二的城市, continues to emerge as an international hot spot offering something for every type of traveler. 今年夏天, the award-winning destination is inviting visitors and locals alike to experience some of its newest additions, 从Goodtime酒店到Nosso Omakase.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our newest hotel and restaurant partners, who all pay homage to our city’s rich culture and 历史,史蒂夫·阿德金斯说, Chairman of the 皇冠体育app Visitor and 公约权威 (皇冠体育app). “From the preservation of art deco treasures to innovative cuisine that captures the unique zest of 皇冠体育app, these highly-anticipated openings will offer 更多的 options for travelers to choose from during their stay with us.”

从这个夏天开始, 皇冠体育app will expand on its reputation as 一个世界上独一无二的城市, connecting travelers to the essence of the city through several must-stay and must-taste experiences, 包括:

  • 因着酒店: Fueled by the star power of Pharrell Williams and David Grutman, visitors can escape this summer and vacation like a celebrity when staying at the Goodtime Hotel. 这家酒店的特色是30英镑,000-square-foot pool deck spotted with cabanas, 郁郁葱葱的绿色植物, and Instagram-worthy interiors – like pink landline phones. Guests can also enjoy dining and drinks at Strawberry Moon, 在图书馆里惬意地看书, or record music at the on-site recording studio – the possibilities are endless.

  • 莫西迈阿密南海滩: Travelers searching for an authentic 皇冠体育app experience need look no further than 莫西迈阿密南海滩, 在色彩斑斓的壁画, 落地窗, 明亮的色彩迎接所有进入的人. Highlights include a rooftop pool with panoramic views, 专门的海滩俱乐部, and six dining and drinking venues to choose from, 包括屋顶餐厅瑟琳娜.

  • 的重新想象 南海滩的丽思卡尔顿酒店: 在耗资9000万美元进行翻修之后, this 376-room oceanfront hotel pays tribute to the city’s vibrant culture, 历史, and glamour with a level of sophistication that’s unmatched. Visitors can take a dip in the hotel’s new elevated swimming pool while overlooking the Atlantic, 享受水疗疗养, and indulge in luxury dining at several eateries, 包括火地岛和三月岛, 拉皮德斯酒吧, 和帝力多海滩俱乐部.

  • Avo迈阿密爱吃鳄梨的人会喜欢的,000-square-foot Mediterranean eatery that features avocado in every dish. Must-try menu items include the savory Avocado Salmon toast, Fettuccini pasta paired with a creamy avocado basil sauce, and the Thyme Grilled Branzino with quinoa tabbouleh and lemon parsley aioli.

  • Nossa表示Omakase: A true luxury dining experience awaits visitors at this new omakase restaurant. 在到达时, diners are escorted through a dark corridor that opens up into a den, 为客人创造一个真正的“哇”因素. Executive Chef Max Kamakura created the menu, where guests can choose from exotic dishes like Lobster Sashimi and A5 Wagyu Nigiri for their 16-18 course dinner. 

  • 蕾拉: Those who appreciate a good love story will enjoy dining at 蕾拉, where Modern Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine celebrates the relationship of 蕾拉 and Majnun – affectionately known as the Middle Eastern Romeo and Juliet. 沿着柯林斯运河, the dining experience reflects the dinner party where the two lovebirds met. The restaurant’s rooftop courtyard represents where the lovers escaped to live and love freely. Menu highlights include Ras Hanout Hanger Steak, Shawarma Grilled Chicken, and Braised Lamb.

  • 涌现:进入的过程艺术爱好者会欣赏这种全新的, student-run exhibit located right in the heart of 皇冠体育app. 感谢传媒学院, 建筑与艺术(CARTA), with the support of the Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation, this inaugural exhibition features a diverse mix of contemporary art by six Department of Art + Art History graduate students and Berkowitz Scholarship recipients.

  • 日月光半导体:黑人的频率: West African culture radiates through this Artechouse exhibit, which focuses on the idea of ase and represents the power to produce change. 这个展览是为了庆祝历史, 社会, and cultural aspects of the Black experience through the unique perspective of artist Vince Fraser.

“Summer is finally here and with our new destination partners, there’s something for everyone to discover on 皇冠体育app,”格里斯特·马科斯说, 皇冠体育app执行主任. “Travelers are welcome to experience all that the city has to offer this summer and beyond.”

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关于皇冠体育app游客 & 公约权威

皇冠体育app是由七名成员组成的权威机构, appointed by the City of 皇冠体育app Commission, 以鼓励为目标, developing and promoting the image of 皇冠体育app locally, nationally and internationally as a vibrant community and superb tourist destination. 为此, the 皇冠体育app strategically focuses its funding investments in a balanced manner, 培养优秀的现有项目, 刺激新的活动, 并鼓励合作伙伴. 皇冠体育app致力于谨慎, long-term plan for allocation of resources to build the uniqueness of 皇冠体育app as ones of the world's greatest communities and tourism destinations.

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